A Sharp Decline of Exchange USD to CHY Since Dec.2017

A Sharp Decline of Exchange USD to CHY Since Dec.2017

We can find there is a sharp curve around Dec.2017, the exchange rate CNY-USD or USD-CNY on Mar. 2nd is below.

1 USD = 6.34618 CNY  1 CNY = 0.157575 USD


In the picture we also get a impression that the CNY revaluation is containully since 2017 from the top as 6.85 CNY-1 USD to 6.25 CNY-1 USD


It is a bad news to exporting especially for low-profit staple products. The producer have to increase the price for keep the profit.


Brake lining and also all friction products have a kind of negative effects for the production of exporting business.


In this case, Toughpro will not stop do the upgrade of production line.

Our Automatic production line will soon go into operation, lower the cost and increase the efficiency.


Toughpro brake lining sale:

WhatsApp & Cell:+8613706517482, Nimo Ni

Email: sales1@brakelining.com

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