The good news for manufacturing industry from China two sessions CNPC and CPPCC

Now the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Chinese National People’s Congress (CNPC) are being holding in Beijing.


Mr. Jiang said, the researcher from NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STRATEGY, CASS, In general, the situation of economic growth and fiscal revenue in 2017 was better than expected, and the economy is also picking up. It is necessary to keep the economic stabilization trend through tax reduction and fee reduction. It is expected that the intensity will not be reduced in 2018, and the most important thing is to stimulate enterprises, especially the vitality of new business, new industries, and high-tech companies.


At the pressure of the exchange rate and the material cost increasing, this is a good news for Chinese manufacturing industry. We will see detail from government work plan after the CPPCC and CNPC.



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