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Who We Are?

TOUGHPRO Group Limited is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic friction material industry, is the executive director of China Friction Sealing Materials Association unit. The company has the domestic and international first-class scientific research and technical capabilities, and has passed ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality system certification; 2013 China City Public Transport Association Materials Working Committee member units; 2013 access to national science and technology small and medium-sized innovation fund; High-tech products in 2014 was awarded the “national high-tech enterprises”, in 2014 was awarded the contract in Anhui Province Shou-credit units; in 2014 was awarded special new enterprises in Anhui Province in 2014, China’s friction materials industry 20 companies And become the first draft of the friction material industry standards; in 2015 China’s commercial car market after the most popular terminal brand; 2016 won the Huangshan City May 1 Labor Award; 2016 won the Chinese commercial vehicle market after the most influential brand The And become the first drafting unit of friction material industry standard.

Company products fine, cheap, the full range, strong market competitiveness, favored by the majority of customers. As the auto parts industry, “China’s top ten well-known brands”, “Chinese brakes national brand”, “Philippine” always “creators carefully, operators favor, the user assured” as the product marketing purposes. And constantly promote the “Philippine British” brand building.

What We do?

TOUGHPRO Group Limited is a R & D, production, manufacturing kinds of Brake Lining for breaks of automotive vehicles used for cargo oe passenger transportation such as: wagons, trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers.

Why Choose us?

Certified Experience

TS16949-2009 standard manufacturing managment with more than 20 years experience.

Competitive Pricing

Automatic production line and patent formula with advantage Technology

Lifetime Guarantee

High cost-effective and competitive Low wear rate, and with more long lifetime

Safe and Reliable

Perfect control Stable friction,more comfortable,when high speed or urgent brake,only in short distance to protect driving safety.

Timely Delivery Time

More OEM and ODM orders experience with High Production Capability make your order timely delivery.

Great Support

Perfect performance, easy matched, stable brake and quickly react.  No noise, no hurt to drum, in good performance to protect the driving safety

Toughpro Group Team

Toughpro Production line

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